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Noel García Rivera

Noel García Rivera has been an expert in cosmetology for a decade and has worked with beauty contestants in Puerto Rico and the United States. His goal is to continue his work with beauty contestants to help them shine in their beauty even more.

Noel developed and demonstrated a passion for art, style, and beauty from a very young age. Due to his demonstrated drawing talent and precise control of his paint brush, his classmates would often ask him to artistically paint their nails. This is how he began his career at age 13, without any kind of formal training. Before long he developed popularity and was well known amongst his peers for custom nail designs.

In high school he studied cosmetology in a vocational center in Cidra, Puerto Rico where he trained in courses on make-up, hairstyling, and manicure. Throughout his years as a student, he was involved in several student competitions. In 2001, he won a gold medal in the regional competitions in the nail styling category. He then won at the state level which earned him a position as representing Puerto Rico in the “Skills USA VICA” competition in which only top students from all vocational schools throughout the United States can compete. He won a silver medal in this competition.

After graduating high school, he was accepted into the Fontecha Institute where he continued in advanced courses in cosmetology. As a student there, he also won several competitions in make-up and hair style before graduating in 2003.

Throughout his years, Noel has worked as a stylist for beauty pageants such as: Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Miss Puerto Rico Petite, Miss Puerto Rico Teen, and Miss Puerto Rico Tourism. More recently, Noel has trained several Miss USA contestants by training them in make-up and hair styling.

Noel also has appeared as a modeling teacher for the television show “La Musa de Carlos Alberto” which aired on Telemundo in Puerto Rico.

Noel has also expanded his skills in offering workshops in make-up and hair style for women in the corporate industry to match their look according to their profession.